Blazin’ Buffalo Slot

Blazin’ Buffalo Slot Review

Blazin’ Buffalo Slot

Blazin’ Buffalo Slot
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Blazin’ Buffalo Slot Features

  • 50-line, 5 reel

Blazin’ Buffalo Slot Basics

  • Game Type : Video Slots
  • Software : Rival Software

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The Blazin’ Buffalo has all of the qualities that are required of an extraordinary slot, and these include a dash of creativity and liberality. They possess these qualities in high quantity, and that is what sets them apart. You get spin rounds among other spun rounds at no cost, and you are also presented with huge prizes for your winning. There is not much to dislike, and so this begs the question, what are the imperfections of Blazin’ Buffalo?

Game in Action

The Blazin’ Buffalo is very worthwhile because you are paid for what you play and it is also very eye-catching to top it off. The game was created with the Wild West in mind because buffaloes, bears, and wolves are used as the representations and as a matter of fact, the animals yield great winnings. The bear pays a thousand times, the wolf pays two thousand five hundred times for five, and during the course of the game a representation which is known as the wild appears often, and this helps you multiply your winnings by two. We will soon see that the wild is extremely efficient in the spin rounds which are on the house and that is the place where huge winnings are served in Blazin’ Buffalo.

Bonus Feature

The Blazin’ Buffalo offers two complimentary spin rounds and a single bonus round. The game round is established on a card game known as the Three-Card Monte, and if you’re not familiar with the name, you might recognize it as the game which is played at the corners of streets by men who look suspicious on foldable tables. The game aims to search for the card known as the Buffalo card when you find the card then you are deemed the winner of the bonus. The card has the head of a buffalo in the middle, and the rest of it is like the ace of spades. This bonus is straightforward to gain and quite plentiful, but it is not the primary source of the money. To access the main cash, you require the complimentary spins round.

At that point, you get the chance to access one more complimentary spins round which is referred to as the Blazin’ Free Spin. In terms of the regular complimentary spins, when you get three signs, then you have access to two. However, you get a three times multiplier. It might not seem like much, but it is quite simple to gain access to them.


In the Blazin’ Buffalo games, three scatter signs will only gain you access to two complimentary spins even with the three times multiplier and this is the only flaw. Nonetheless, it has been explained previously that they occur more times that the scatter signs, and along with the advantage of the bonus complimentary spin round, it seems like it is not much of a disappointment.

Another great add-on is the second extra round because the signs which pay more money occur the most here, like the jackpot sign and the whole visual. In conclusion, after considering all factors, the Blazin’ Buffalo is worthy of four and a half stars out of five and in our records that a nine out of ten which is almost the whole package.

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